Caring Kids

caring kidFor those that aren’t old enough yet to become an official volunteer, but love animals and want to help. You can still make an impact.

You can be one of our Caring Kids. You can:

  • Distribute our quarterly newsletter in your community. (Get permission before leaving them at your local veterinarian, groomer, school library, public library, or other places of business )
  • Organize a school or community supply drive — view our Wishlist.
  • Participate in our Cats and Kids Reading Program. (1st-6th graders). Download information about the Cats & Kids Reading Program.
  • Collect Spare Change. With approximately 100 mouths to feed on a daily basis, every little bit really does help at Fayette Friend of Animals. Here is an easy way that you can help. Find a box or a can and decorate it any way you would like. Once that is finished, you can begin to collect loose change. Ask mom, dad, grandma, or grandpap if they have any extra change that they could donate for your collection. You might also check under the couch cushions or even the washing machine. When your box or can is full, bring it to the shelter and give it to our manager. After that, then take a walk around the shelter with an adult and meet some of the animals that you helped with your collection.